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 1st Line ATM Service

     We at Cash Carriers USA have been providing first line maintenance (FLM) for financial institutions since 1980.  As a matter of fact, we invented and named first line services which was prompted from a request of our very first customer.

In 1980, Ms. Nita Venable of Richardson Bank & Trust asked that we be available and on call to bring their ATMs live should something go wrong while the bank was closed.  We asked Ms. Venable what that type of service was called and she said, “I don’t know, owner service I guess.”  We knew that Diebold was providing a service called second line so we dubbed this “owner service” as First Line Maintenance.  

First line services was not understood by the major manufacturers then and primarily still today.  Cash Carriers U.S.A. understands that FLM service is still the “Owner’s Service.”  For instance, a FLM person arriving at an ATM to meet a manufacturer maintenance person is acting on behalf of the ATM owner.  Many maintenance companies do not understand that first line maintenance personnel are a direct representative of the ATM owner.  We at Cash Carriers understand who we are and what our duties entail.  Our FLM personnel are direct representatives of the ATM owner and provide this representation professionally at all times.  This is very important when all services are not placed with the same company. 

Cash Carriers U.S.A. utilizes only full time employees for first line maintenance.  We have consistently averaged between 57 and 59 minute response times across the board for many years.  We believe that our customers deserve an immediate response and we are always doing everything within our power to provide the quickest response possible.

FLM calls are the key to success for any ATM program.  Down time is not acceptable when valuable support dollars are on the line.  Our philosophy on FLM states that when we ensure profitability of our customers’ ATMs through ATM up-time, they will be motivated to buy more ATMs and therefore our company as well as our customers’ will prosper.

To ensure customer satisfaction, FLM personnel must respond quickly and efficiently.  Tardiness to meet other vendors is always unacceptable when more than one company is used for FLM & SLM.  Cash Carriers U.S.A. provides all services for this very reason.  When services are placed in one company there will never be a doubt where the problem lies.  There will be no bickering, billing problems or unnecessary additional billing by the client.

     When you are ready for quality, dedicated, and on-time FLM Service, call us at         (972) 907-0700 or e-mail us at sales@cashcarriersusa.com   

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